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FLU CLINICS START 2nd OCTOBER 2017 Posted on 13 Sep 2017


Flu Clinics 2017


Flu Clinic drop-in dates for patients over 65 and those in a risk factor group.


From Monday 2nd October 2017:


  • Monday 02/10/2017         8-11am & 5-6pm
  • Tuesday 03/10/2017        2-5pm
  • Wednesday 04/10/2017   8-11am & 5-6pm
  • Thursday 05/10/2017      10-12am
  • Monday 09/10/2017         5-6pm
  • Tuesday 10/10/2017         2-5pm
  • Wednesday11/10/2017   10-12am
  • Thursday 12/10/2017       10-11am & 5-6pm
  • Monday 16/10/2017          8-10am
  • Tuesday 17/10/2017         5-6pm
  • Wednesday18/10/2017   10-12am
  • Thursday 19/10/2017        5-6pm
  • Monday 23/10/2017          5-6pm
  • Tuesday 24/10/2017         2-4pm & 5-6pm
  • Wednesday 25/10/2017   10-11am
  • Friday 26/10/2017             5-6pm


Please book in at reception on arrival


No appointment necessary - Walk in sessions


Seasonal flu is a highly infectious illness caused by a flu virus.


The virus infects your lungs and upper airways, causing a sudden high temperature and general aches and pains.


You could also lose your appetite, feel nauseous and have a dry cough. Symptoms can last for up to a week.


We offer patients who are in an ‘at risk’ groups the flu vaccine each year to protect you against the flu virus.


At risk groups:


  • Over 65 years of age
  • Pregnant Women
  • Patients with a BMI of over 40
  • or have:
    • Diabetes
    • Immunosuppressed due to treatment
    • Chronic heart disease (IHD)
    • Chronic Respiratory Disease i.e. COPD Or Asthma (Steroid Inhalers Users Only)
    • chronic neurological disease
    • Carers (contacted by letter)
  • All Children born between 2/09 /2013- 1/09/2015 (nasal flu Spray)


If you have any queries please contact the surgery on 020 8269 2040




If you are unable to attend any of the drop in sessions please book an appointment with the practice nurse in the normal way.


Commuter appointments between 7-8am are available by appointment only. Please contact the surgery to book.


11-13 Charlton Road, Blackheath, London, SE3 7HB
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